From bags to baldrics, from hats to belts, from scabbards to holsters. Any accesory that might improve your character can be found here ;)

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  • Arms

    Anything that you might have on your arm that shouldn't protect you from harm. From alchemist vambraces full of flasks to wristbands or gloves

  • Bags

    Places where you can stuff your favorite things!

  • Baldric

    When you need something fast you need it as easy to access as possible. Baldrics fill that spot letting you store those trustworthy poisons of yours (did I say poisons?) on a crosed belt, or your guns, or anything your mind can think of.

  • Containers

    From canteens or potion holsters to scroll cases!

  • Headgear

    From a fancy hat to a mighty horned tiara.

  • Holster

    From flintlock to wand holsters, we offer the very best so you never fail your quick draw!

  • Leg

    From a fancy Garter to an intimidating dagger holster or an ankle derringer holster. Go for the double H: Hidden and handy!!

  • Masks

    Anything that might hide or cover your face goes there. Anonymity is a strenght! Use it!

  • Sheats

    Swords, daggers, axes, anything with a blade should have a place to stay put.

  • Waist

    From thin belts to large waistbelts. Anything that goes to your waist, you can find it here!

  • Props

    Various items that serve diferent purposes. From a torch for a private detective to coins for bargain or purity seals to mark status.